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Torn Earlobe Repair

Stretched and ripped earlobes are one of the most common types of aesthetic damage to the ears. Piercings and gauges are usually to blame for earlobes that are torn in half. The soft, pliable tissue of the earlobe can be easily torn, especially if the piercing hole in the lobe has stretched and widened. At pēkomd®, we offer torn earlobe repair at our cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH.

Many men and women have piercings in their ears, some with large gauges that leave very little tissue surrounding the jewelry. Even small piercings can stretch over time as the skin loses elasticity, minimizing the tissue supporting earrings. The earlobe is primarily fatty tissue and skin, making it easy to pierce and tear. When a piercing stretches too far or an earring gets caught on an object, the earlobe can be torn in half.

Once an earlobe is torn, it may look deformed as it heals. Scar tissue can form between the two halves of the lobe, creating an unattractive ear that no longer can be pierced or wear earrings. Cosmetic surgery can restore the shape of the earlobe and enable a new piercing to occur once the skin and tissue are healed.

Earlobe Plastic Surgery

Repairing and restoring the appearance of a torn earlobe requires the aesthetic expertise of a plastic surgeon. Dr. Peter Koltz is a board certified plastic surgeon who can quickly repair torn or damaged earlobes with cosmetic surgery. Torn earlobe repair can be performed at our plastic surgery center in Toledo, OH. Patients do not need general anesthesia – the earlobe can be numbed with local anesthesia while Dr. Koltz reshapes the tissue and sutures the lobe back together. There is little to no recovery time after the procedure. Once the earlobe is completely healed, it may be pierced again.

If you have a damaged earlobe from piercings or gauges, come see us at pēkomd®. We offer torn earlobe repair at our plastic surgery center in Toledo, OH. Contact our practice to schedule your earlobe repair consultation or cosmetic procedure with Dr. Koltz.

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Patient Experience

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Tom M.

pēkomd® is the best. Dr. Peter Koltz is a brilliant doctor. Their office is something like you'd see in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The staff is super welcoming and friendly. They offer a whole spectrum of services and products at reasonable prices. You owe it to yourself to be pampered at pēkomd®.

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