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Pubic Lift

The area below the lower abdomen and above the genitals is the mons pubis. This fatty area can become saggy and uncomfortable after excessive weight loss or pregnancy. If you suffer from this, a pubic lift procedure, or monsplasty, may be right for you. Dr. Peter Koltz at pēkomd® offers mons rejuvenation with a pubic lift or liposuction at our plastic surgery center in Toledo, OH.

Genetics, weight gain/loss, pregnancy and other factors can result in sagging skin and tissue on the mons pubis. While all genders can experience this condition, females are more prone to it and may be more concerned with the appearance. While this fatty skin and tissue can be easily hidden while wearing clothes, it is noticeable when wearing swimsuits or when you are engaging in intimate moments. A pubic lift, liposuction or tummy tuck may be recommended for mons rejuvenation.

Monsplasty for Mons Rejuvenation

For many individuals with excess skin and tissue in the mons pubis area, plastic surgery can give them the freedom to wear the clothing they desire and feel sexier during intimacy. Monsplasty uses a small incision to remove excess skin and rejuvenate the mons pubis. Some individuals may also need liposuction to remove fatty tissue to create a firmer mons and pubis area.

If you have excess skin and loose tissue on your abdomen and mons pubis, abdominoplasty with a pubic lift may be recommended. Dr. Koltz is a highly skilled body contouring plastic surgeon who can customize your procedure to obtain the desired results. Whether you only need a mons rejuvenation or want to restore a flatter, firm abdomen, Dr. Koltz can perform the needed procedure.

Restore a more youthful, sexy lower abdomen and pubic area with cosmetic surgery at pēkomd®. To explore your options for a pubic lift, or monsplasty, contact our office in Toledo, OH. Call us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Koltz, and begin your journey to mons rejuvenation.

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Patient Experience

Dr. Koltz with team member
Brittany G.

I was about 3 years into getting Botox when I landed in pēkomd®. Referred by a friend, and super impressed by their social media, I made an appointment (you can book through Instagram messenger, how freaking cool). That’s all it took. SOLD. My medspa appointments are now my favorite appointments. Everyone is kind, welcoming, and remembers you when you walk in. They even notice hair cuts, I just adore them. They have clever merch and refreshments, and the whole building is gorgeous. The best part? Their work. I get dysport and it looks natural and flawless, I get tons of compliments on my skin. I barely feel the injections (uncharacteristic for me because I am totally afraid of needles, they are just that good), and it lasts around 6-8 weeks. No matter when I send them an Instagram message, someone answers, even on the weekends. I tell everyone I know about this place!


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