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Arm and Thigh Lift

Upper arms and upper legs (thighs) are two problem zones where the sagging skin often becomes resistant to diet and exercise. Both these areas are conspicuous and can make you appear less fit and older than you really area. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koltz offers arm lift and thigh lift body contouring surgeries in Toledo, OH to restore youthful looking upper arms and upper legs that will greatly complement your overall figure.

Arm Lift Surgery

Dr. Koltz performs arm lift surgery or brachioplasty using two different techniques, depending on your treatment goals: upper arm lift and mini arm lift.

  • Upper Arm Lift: In a traditional upper arm lift surgery, Dr. Koltz will place an incision discreetly in the armpit and along the upper arm’s underside up to the elbow. He will create the incision either in a z-shape or a curved shape to minimize the subsequent scarring. Through the incision, he will remove the excess fat, excise the loose skin, reshape the tissue and create a smooth and youthful looking upper arm contour. If you have excessive skin laxity in the upper arms, an extended brachioplasty with a longer incision may be performed to achieve the desired results.
  • Mini Arm Lift: If you only require a limited correction in your upper arm, Dr. Koltz may recommend a mini brachioplasty. In this procedure, he will locate the incision within your armpit. Through this small incision, he will remove the excess fat and loose skin to restore a tighter and more youthful upper arm contour. The benefit with this surgery is that the resulting scarring will be almost invisible as it will only be confined to the armpit.

Thigh Lift Surgery

A thighplasty or thigh lift surgery can be performed using four different techniques. Dr. Koltz will recommend the appropriate thigh lift procedure to match your preferences.

  • Inner Thighplasty: This procedure will help you get rid of excess fat and skin in the inner thigh. Your surgeon will place an incision at the intersection of your thigh and pubic area. Through the incision, he will remove a wedge of fat and skin, while reshaping and smoothing the remaining tissue to create enhanced inner thigh contours.
  • Outer Thighplasty: This is a bilateral thigh lift surgery designed to correct the sagging tissue in the front and outside of your upper legs. Dr. Koltz will create a V-shaped incision at the top of thigh. The incision may extend to your buttocks or hips, depending on your desired correction. Your surgeon will remove excess skin and fat through the incision and re-drape the remaining skin tightly to improve the outer thigh contour.
  • Medial Thighplasty: In this procedure, Dr. Koltz will eliminate excess fat and skin from the top part of your inner thigh. He will place the incision discreetly in the groin area, which extends to the buttock crease or the hip. In some cases, the procedure may involve an addition vertical incision down the leg to perform more significant correction. Through the incision, the surgeon will gently lift the issue, remove loose skin and fat, and recontour the thigh.
  • Mini Thighplasty: If the loose skin is confined only to the upper third area of your thighs, Dr. Koltz may recommend a mini thigh lift surgery. This less invasive technique will require the placement of one small incision in the groin region. The amount of tissue tightening is limited with this technique, but it will involve less downtime and result in minimal scarring.

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Dr. Koltz is a double fellowship trained ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon and performs a range of body contouring procedures in Toledo OH, Maumee, Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.

For arm lift and thigh lift, turn to pēkomd® to enhance your body contours. To learn more about our body contouring procedures, book a private consultation with Dr. Koltz at our Toledo, OH office.

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