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Otoplasty-Ear Pinning

A few millimeters can make a big difference when it comes to your ears. When there is just one or two extra millimeters of cartilage behind the ears, they can appear to stick out too far from the head. Many people are born with protruding ears that can impact their appearance and confidence. At pēkomd cosmetic surgery center, we offer otoplasty-ear pinning surgery at our facility in Toledo, OH.

Ears that stick out from the head are an embarrassing trait for many individuals. Growing up with prominent ears can be hard for kids, and they may be teased and bullied for their different ears. Otoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is often performed on kids to remedy ears that protrude more than normal from the scalp. It can be completed once the ears are fully developed, which usually occurs by age 7. Kids, teens and adults can all benefit from otoplasty to achieve a more balanced appearance to their ears, helping improve their confidence in their appearance.

Reducing Protruding Ears

Ear pinning surgery, or otoplasty, is used to bring the upper ear close to the scalp to change the appearance of protruding ears. There are a few different methods used for otoplasty, depending on how far the ears stick out from the head. For mildly protruding ears, sutures can be used to pull the ear cartilage closer to the scalp. If there is excess cartilage behind the upper ear, a wedge of cartilage can be removed to flatten ears against the head. The method used will depend on the patient and how extensively the ears protrude.

Dr. Peter Koltz is a double fellowship-trained and board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience. He truly cares about his patients, especially young patients that have congenital issues like protruding ears that can impact their self-confidence. Dr. Koltz can determine the best way to reduce prominent or protruding ears to achieve a more balanced appearance for his otoplasty patients.

If you or your child have ears that seem to stick out too far from the head, contact us at pēkomd. We can schedule an ear pinning consultation with Dr. Koltz at our cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH. Call today to book your appointment to find out if otoplasty is right for you.

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Patient Experience

Heather A.

He's an incredible surgeon, pays great attention to detail and has wonderful bedside manners. I felt completely at ease going into surgery knowing that I chose an intelligent, caring, and kind doctor. From pre-op to post-op care he has taken time with me, and has given me incredible results. so happy after all the consultations and research I did that I chose Dr. Koltz.


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