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Asian Rhinoplasty

The right nose shape and size can enhance your facial appearance. Many people of Asian descent are unhappy with their nose shape and size. While other ethnic groups may be self-conscious of a larger or wide nose, a common issue with Asian noses is their flatter appearance. Asian rhinoplasty focuses on creating a nose that improves the profile and facial balance. We offer Asian rhinoplasty at our facility in Toledo, OH.

Dr. Peter Koltz is a double fellowship-trained and board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. He has spent years creating exceptional aesthetic results for his patients from Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Toledo, Southeastern Michigan and throughout Ohio. Dr. Koltz personalizes every procedure to the patient based on their ethnicity and personal aesthetic goals, meeting and exceeding the expectations of his patients.

Ethnic Nose Jobs

The perfect nose shape is different for everyone. You want a nose that matches your other facial features in size, shape and ethnicity. While Caucasian, Middle Eastern and African nose jobs often focus on reducing the nose size, Asian rhinoplasty usually is designed to lift the nasal bridge for a more defined nose. The goal is to retain the ethnicity of the nose shape while improving the overall appearance of the facial harmony for every patient.

Asian nose jobs often will require cartilage grafting to lift and build up the septum. Dr. Koltz is highly skilled in advanced nose reshaping procedures, including using cartilage grafting to create the desired shape and size. Using precise and artistic shaping techniques, he can create a nose that looks natural and matches the other features of the face.

Rhinoplasty is a very personalized procedure – you want a nose that reflects your heritage and seems natural with your other features. Ethnic rhinoplasty ensures your new nose shape is in harmony with your face and genetics for beautiful results.

If you want to change your nose shape but retain the ethnic traits, come see us at pēkomd®. We offer Asian, African and many ethnic nose reshaping procedures at our cosmetic surgery center. Contact our Toledo, OH, office to schedule your ethnic rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Koltz.

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Patient Experience

Dr. Koltz with team member
Crystal H.

Dr. Koltz & his staff are truly amazing. From my 1st consultation they made me feel comfortable & answered all my questions & I had a lot. I needed a hysterectomy & I was surprised at how emotionally it affected me, so I thought I would reward myself with a flat tummy. Dr. Koltz went through the whole process of how things could go. My options were to do both surgeries at the same time or we could do them within 2 weeks of each other. I wanted lipo as well so I chose to do the surgeries 2 days apart due to wanting to get back to work ASAP. Best decision ever, my tummy tuck & lipo surgery went way better than the hysterectomy which surprised me. I had so much nausea & vomiting post hysterectomy it was extremely painful. I was nervous & explained that to the staff & nurse anesthetist & he did an amazing job. I felt great when surgery was over,(no nausea) little sore but that's to be expected. He did such an amazing job & can't recommend him & his staff enough. Thank you pēkomd® for everything. I love my new me already & I'm only one week post op!


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