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Body Contouring

If you’re concerned about stubborn body fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise or you’ve had children and want your pre-baby body back, turn to Dr. Peter Koltz for some of today’s most advanced body contouring procedures in Toledo OH.

Dr. Koltz has helped hundreds of patients achieve their ideal figure with some of today’s most in-demand procedures that deliver permanent results. From liposuction and tummy tucks to the Brazilian butt lift and vaginal rejuvenation, you can turn to our Toledo plastic surgery practice to achieve your ideal body shape.

Body Contouring Procedures

Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the most popular body contouring procedures right now is the Brazilian butt lift, also known as butt augmentation surgery. If you have a “flat butt” and want a more contoured, lifted, and rounded appearance, Dr. Koltz can perform a butt augmentation procedure that adds curves and helps you achieve the perfect body proportions. Learn more.


Many people struggle with stubborn body fat around their hips, thighs, love handles, and stomach. If diet and exercise just aren’t helping you get the body you want, talk to Dr. Koltz about liposuction in Toledo OH. He uses advanced techniques to remove excess fat and sculpt the body to achieve a more contoured and streamlined silhouette. Learn more.

Tummy Tuck

Women who have undergone multiple pregnancies or individuals who have gained and lost a lot of weight over the years may have loose skin and fat around their midsection. Dr. Koltz can perform a tummy tuck in Toledo OH to remove excess tissue and fat, tighten the abdominal muscles, and reposition the belly button to create a flat stomach and youthful contours. Learn more.

Mommy Makeover

Many new moms work hard to get their pre-baby body back and sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough to restore the body. The Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures that can restore breast fullness, tighten up the midsection, and even restore the vagina after multiple births. This continues to be an attractive option for women who are done having children and want to look and feel more confident with their post-baby body. Learn more.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth and the aging process can alter the size and shape of the vagina. Many women are self-conscious about the appearance of the labia but there’s now a way to reshape this area for a rejuvenated appearance. Dr. Koltz can create a custom treatment plan that restores the appearance of the vagina and also improves overall function if you’re experiencing dryness or discomfort during intercourse. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures include labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, and volume restoration with fat grafting or fillers. Learn more.

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Dr. Koltz is a double fellowship trained ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon and performs a range of body contouring procedures in Toledo OH, Maumee, Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.

From liposuction to Mommy Makeovers, turn to pēkomd® to reshape and tighten your body. To learn more about our body contouring procedures, book a private consultation with Dr. Koltz at our Toledo OH office.

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Patient Experience

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Teresa S.

My experience with Dr Koltz @ pekomd® was wonderful. He is by far the most down to earth Dr I have ever met and has an eye for details. After hearing about him through someone I follow on IG I made an appt for a consultation. After explaining how I was hoping an abdominal repair may help my lower back issues I had from carrying my kids 30 yrs ago. We discussed some other body things I was unhappy with. Because at that point I figured if I'm going to go under the knife for a tummy repair, I might as well check off a few other things as well. I mean for me this was a once in a lifetime thing and I planned to make the most of it. Dr Koltz was so knowledgeable and quick to tell me where I'd get more bang for my buck. Even recommended a thing or 2. He is truly a talented Dr and so very personable, makes you feel comfortable from the 1st day and wants you to look and feel your best. I would say if you’re on the fence about a surgery to change your body, he is definitely the Dr you should see first. His staff will make you feel comfortable from the first appt and answer all your questions. I'm also a longer distance customer, so 5 hrs round trip and I was always so impressed at how easily they worked with me to accommodate my appts . Truly the best place!

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