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Corner Mouth Lip Lift

Do you have a permanent frown appearance when your face or mouth are relaxed? The effects of aging are very apparent around the mouth. It is a common area for lines and wrinkles to appear, along with sagging or drooping skin. The corners of the mouth are prone to drooping, and lines can appear that create the appearance of a frown. One of the reasons the corners of the lips pull downward is the underlying mouth and jaw muscles. To allow the corners of the mouth to lift upward, wrinkle relaxer injections can be used to relax those muscles.

Corner Lip Lift Injections

Dr. Peter Koltz is a highly experienced and board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive knowledge of the facial structure. Using his expertise, he can target the muscles that pull down the corners of the mouth with wrinkle relaxer injections. The effect is a relaxed muscle that does not contract when used on the mouth muscles that pull down the lips, wrinkle relaxer can create a lip lift, bringing the corners of the mouth up.

Wrinkle relaxer treatment is a fast and affordable option for improving your facial appearance. If you have a resting face and mouth that create a sad, angry or upset appearance, wrinkle relaxer may be the solution. Treatment can be performed on a lunch break – it only takes about 20 minutes, and no downtime is needed after your injections. The results from your corner mouth lip lift can be seen in a few days with effects that can last 3-4 months or longer.

If you want to create a happier mouth appearance, wrinkle relaxer may be the right cosmetic treatment. To learn more about corner mouth lip lifts, contact us at pēkomd® in Toledo, OH, to schedule a consultation.

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Jenifer Z.

Incredibly knowledgeable clinical team and the most kind and welcoming staff as a whole. Fair pricing, access to the newest treatment and devices, and a no pressure environment. Will definitely be back <3

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