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Skin Tightening Treatments

As you get older, your body makes less collagen and elastin, affecting the firmness of your skin. Whether it is loose skin forming on your neck or droopy bat wings on your upper arms, skin laxity from lost collagen can change your appearance. If you want to explore non-surgical options to restore skin elasticity, come see us at pēkomd®. We offer advanced skin tightening treatments at our plastic surgery and rejuvenation center in Toledo, OH.

What Is Non-Surgical Skin Tightening?

As the skin loses collagen, it stretches and sags. Gravity, weight gain/loss and other factors can contribute to looser skin. While plastic surgery can remove and tighten skin with lift procedures (arm, face, neck, thigh, etc.), there are non-surgical ways to induce higher levels of collagen to restore firmer skin. These treatments use various types of thermal energy to stimulate collagen production.

At pēkomd®, we have a state-of-the-art rejuvenation center with multiple non-surgical skin tightening treatments. These include devices that use radiofrequency, plasma, laser and other energy sources to trigger a collagen response in the targeted skin and tissue. These treatments can be used to tighten and define the jawline, neck or face, as well as remodel tissue on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and other areas. Our skin and tissue tightening treatments vary in downtime and recovery, but most have minimal downtime required.

Skin tightening treatments can be paired with liposuction or body contouring procedures that remove fat. This can firm the skin without surgical removal to create a firmer, youthful appearance after fat removal. Skin tightening and remodeling can also reduce the appearance of cellulite for a smoother appearance to the targeted area.

Most skin tightening treatments can be performed in less than an hour. Our clinic in Toledo, OH, offers body and facial skin tightening procedures that can produce incredible results without surgery. We offer RF microneedling, helium plasma, shockwaves and other cutting-edge aesthetic technology to create firmer, more youthful appearing skin.

To learn more about minimally-invasive tightening for the skin, contact us at pēkomd®. We offer the latest options in non-surgical skin tightening treatments at our plastic surgery and rejuvenation center. Call our office in Toledo, OH, to schedule your skin tightening consultation today.

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Patient Experience

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Nicole S.

“Absolutely love the staff, Dr. Koltz and my results! My breast augmentation is the perfect size, healing up nicely and exactly what I asked for. The Doctor was honest and helpful every step of the way. The staff is so kind and they really pamper you upon each visit.”


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