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Acne Scar Treatment

Acne can come and go throughout your teen and adult years, but it can leave unwanted scars, texture and tone behind forever. Deeper acne cysts can create atrophic or indented scars on the skin – even small pimples can leave dark spots of hyperpigmentation behind. If you have acne scars that you want gone, we have skin treatments designed to erase these flaws. At, pēkomd® cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center, we offer acne scar treatment at our clinic in Toledo, OH.

Each patient may have different needs when it comes to smoothing the surface or evening the tone on acne scarred skin. Deeper acne scars may require laser resurfacing to remove the damaged skin and reveal fresh skin cells. Mild acne scarring may respond well to non-invasive IPL treatments, peko microneedling or chemical peels. At pēkomd®, we can customize your acne scar treatment to provide the best results for your specific needs.

Laser Acne Scar Removal

Whether you have discolorations on your skin from acne, or ice pick, rolling or boxcar atrophic scarring, laser treatments can be beneficial. For discolorations, intense pulse light, or IPL, treatments can be the best solution. This treatment targets the pigmented cells that cause discolorations to improve the tone of the skin.

For indented acne scarring, laser skin resurfacing can achieve beautiful results. The light energy can remove the top layer of skin, stimulating collagen production and repair the damaged skin. Not only are acne scars removed, but the skin can look refreshed and radiant as it heals and repairs after treatment.

If acne scarring is a concern, make an appointment to learn more about our treatment options. Contact us at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center to schedule a skin consultation.

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Lexi C.

Absolutely amazing work done here by Dr. Koltz!!!! The staff was amazing and very friendly and welcoming!! I would 1000% recommend Dr. Koltz for any plastic surgery wants or needs!

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