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Forehead Reduction Surgery

Does your forehead seem too big for your face? The location of the hairline impacts the size of the forehead. If your hairline is too high, it can result in facial imbalance, with too much space between the eyebrows and hairline. Lowering the hairline can minimize the forehead size and create better facial harmony. At pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center, we offer forehead reduction surgery at our state-of-the-art clinic in Toledo, OH.

A few centimeters of extra forehead space can make a large impact on your facial appearance. An attractive face is symmetrical, with features that are spatially in balance. Ideally, the face is balanced in thirds – the lower, mid and upper face. If the forehead is too tall, the top third of the face is too big. Removing 2-3 centimeters of height from a large forehead can make a significant difference, restoring a more balanced appearance.

Hairline lowering involves moving the scalp forward by removing a small section of skin. An incision is made to remove a small strip of skin, pulling the hairline forward a few centimeters. Sutures are used to secure the new lower hairline. The results are immediately visible, reducing the height of the forehead for better facial balance.

Are You a Good Candidate for Hairline Lowering?

When your facial features are balanced, it can boost your appearance and confidence. If you want to reduce your forehead size, hairline lowering may be an option to achieve your aesthetic goals. Good candidates for forehead reduction surgery are men and women with thick hair and good scalp laxity. Those with a family history of hair loss may not be a good fit for hairline lowering.

Forehead reduction surgery can be combined with other upper face procedures to achieve improved facial harmony. An upper blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) and brow lift are often paired with hairline lowering to obtain beautiful results.

To learn more about forehead reduction surgery, contact our team at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center. Call our office in Toledo, OH, to schedule a hairline lowering consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Peter Koltz.

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Patient Experience

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Kristin M.

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Koltz and his staff! His staff is so sweet the moment you walk in the door. I had lost a significant amount of weight and was left with a lot of loose skin. Dr. Koltz listened to me, addressed my concerns, and went over several options along with going into detail about each option. He was not pushing me towards other procedures and really kept my best interest in mind. He is beyond talented and am thrilled with my results. I am so happy with my decision and could not thank Dr. Koltz and his staff enough for being so fantastic!

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