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Nasal Fracture Repair

The nasal bone provides support for the cartilage in the nasal walls and septum. While the nose bone is short, fractures can have a significant effect on the form and function of the nose. Severe nasal fractures may require surgical repair to restore the nose structure. At pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center, we offer nasal fracture repair at our facility in Toledo, OH.

Many broken noses will heal on their own. Impact to the nose can fracture the nasal bone, but it may be able to be taped or splinted to allow it to heal correctly. Car accidents, falls, violence and contact sports are common causes of broken noses. Victims of nose fractures should always visit a doctor or urgent medical care facility for treatment. If the fracture is severe, surgery may be recommended to restore the shape and stability of the nasal bone.

Broken Nose Surgery

A broken nasal bone can result in a deviated septum, misshapen nose or breathing problems. Whether you just broke your nose, or your nose is misshapen from a previous injury, we can help at pēkomd®. Dr. Peter Koltz is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing nose plastic surgery. He can perform nasal facture repair for patients with a recent injury or reshape a crooked nose from a previous broken nose.

Nose trauma surgery focuses on both functional restoration and the aesthetics of the nose. It is important to ensure that the nasal passages are clear for proper breathing, but the shape of the nose is also critical. Dr. Koltz can repair the nasal fracture and any cartilage damage, while restoring the nose shape. Some patients may use this opportunity to refine their nose shape for a more desirable appearance with rhinoplasty techniques.

A broken nose can impact your nose shape and function, but nasal fracture repair can restore the natural nose form. If you have a severe fracture of the nasal bone, come see our aesthetic team at pēkomd® for repair. Contact our plastic surgery center in Toledo, OH, to schedule a nasal fracture repair consultation with Dr. Peter Koltz to discuss your options.

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Patient Experience

Dr. Koltz with team member
Carol M.

Dr Koltz is nothing less than amazing. I smile ear to ear everyday in the mirror. His office staff very friendly also. I’m So glad I chose him and no one else. I’ll be sixty this year.


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