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Lip Dermal Fat Grafting

The fatty tissue in the lips give them fullness, shape and volume. One of the effects of aging is lost facial fat, including in the lips. If your lips have flattened or thinned with age, or you never had the lip volume you desired, augmentation may be right for you. At pēkomd® cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center, we offer lip dermal fat grafting augmentation at our facility in Toledo, OH.

While dermal fillers can offer a quick option for lip augmentation, they do not last. Most lip fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is slowly absorbed by the body, letting the lips slowly deflate over several months. A longer-lasting option for lip augmentation is using your own fat to add volume and fullness. Harvesting fat with a liposuction procedure and transferring it to your lips can give you beautiful, plump lips that will stay full for years to come.

Lip Plumping with Fat Transfer

To perform lip dermal fat grafting, liposuction is first performed to harvest the needed fat. A small amount of fat can be removed from the abdomen or any area with excess fat, which is then purified through a centrifuge. The filtering process retains the live, healthy fat cells that can be transferred to the lip area. The purified fat can be injected into the lips under the skin, creating the desired volume and shape.

Fat transfer to plump the lips is a very effective way to add lasting volume. While not all the fat cells will survive, many will thrive and give your lips fullness for years to come. For many of our patients at pēkomd®, lip fat injections give them the natural look and feel they desire without needing treatments once or twice a year like lip fillers.

Use unwanted fat on your body to give your lips the fullness you desire. We can offer lip dermal fat grafting to add volume and fullness. To learn more about lip augmentation with fat injections, contact our office in Toledo, OH, to book your appointment for a cosmetic lip consultation.

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Patient Experience

Dr. Koltz with team member
Nicole S.

“Absolutely love the staff, Dr. Koltz and my results! My breast augmentation is the perfect size, healing up nicely and exactly what I asked for. The Doctor was honest and helpful every step of the way. The staff is so kind and they really pamper you upon each visit.”


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