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Botox Worry Line Treatment

The horizontal lines across your forehead can appear with many different emotions and facial expressions. If you are worried, surprised, concentrating or angry, your forehead muscles may contract and create “worry” lines. Over time, these lines can be etched into the skin, creating an unhappy and older appearance. At pēkomd cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center, we offer Botox® worry line treatment at our Toledo, OH, clinic.

Botox® was approved for cosmetic use by the FDA in 2002. The first approved treatment was for the frown or glabella lines between the eyebrows, but worry lines were also benefited by Botox. As a neuromodulator, Botox is used to relax the muscles that create dynamic lines like 11s and worry lines on the forehead. The neurotoxin, botulinum toxin type A, is the active ingredient in Botox, which blocks nerve signals to the muscles when injected. It can relax the muscles in the forehead that cause furrows, lines and wrinkles, producing a smoother, more youthful brow area.

Eliminate Forehead Lines and Furrows

Dr. Peter Koltz is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience using Botox injections for cosmetic treatments. His expertise is valuable to ensure you receive precise placement of your Botox injections in the correct dosage to accomplish your aesthetic goals. If you have horizontal worry lines or furrows on your forehead, Dr. Koltz can smooth them away with a quick Botox treatment. The appointment only takes 15-20 minutes, and you do not need to schedule any downtime after your worry lines treatment.

Botox requires a few days for the effects to be noticeable. You will notice that your brow lines begin to soften, then eventually they disappear. The effects of Botox will wear off after a few months, and most people need repeated treatments every 3-4 months to maintain the desired results.

If you have unwanted forehead lines that are making you look older, sad or angry, Botox treatment may be the solution. To learn more about Botox worry line treatment, contact us at pēkomd. Call our cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center in Toledo, OH, to schedule a Botox consultation.

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Patient Experience

Heather A.

He's an incredible surgeon, pays great attention to detail and has wonderful bedside manners. I felt completely at ease going into surgery knowing that I chose an intelligent, caring, and kind doctor. From pre-op to post-op care he has taken time with me, and has given me incredible results. so happy after all the consultations and research I did that I chose Dr. Koltz.


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