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C-Section Scar Removal

There are many reasons a woman may need or want a caesarean section (c-section) for child birth. An incision across the abdomen is made to perform delivery versus traditional vaginal childbirth. While some c-section scars heal nicely and are barely visible, many are hidden below the bikini line, and some scars are more pronounced and visible. At pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH, we offer c-section scar removal to minimize the appearance of these abdominal scars.

The placement of the c-section incision can impact the visibility after healing. The OB/GYN who performs the delivery is more concerned about the safety and health of the mother and child versus the incision appearance. Most c-section scars are horizontal and placed below the bikini line, but not all. Some may be vertical or higher on the abdomen, making them harder to hide.

Even if a c-section scar is below the bikini line, some are indented (atrophic) or raised (hypertrophic). This can change the appearance of the lower abdomen and the scars may be uncomfortable when wearing clothing. Revising the scar tissue can help improve both the appearance and comfort of abnormal c-section scars.

Treatments for Visible C-Section Scars

There are a few options available for reducing the appearance of visible c-section scars. Laser treatments may be recommended to fade scars or to smooth the skin. Hypertrophic or raised scars can be treated with steroid injections to help flatten and improve comfort. There are multiple non-surgical options that can provide excellent results for some c-section scars, but there are others that may require surgical revision.

Indented c-section scars may need surgery to smooth their appearance. Indented scar tissue can be removed and revised to allow the incision to heal in a smoother formation. Some patients choose to have a tummy tuck combined with a c-section scar removal to tighten and flatten the stomach while minimizing or hiding the scar.

If you are unhappy with the scar left behind from your caesarean delivery, contact us at pēkomd®. We can schedule a c-section scar removal consultation for you at our cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH.

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