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Chin Implant Surgery

The chin plays a pivotal role in facial balance. When it is too small or does not project enough, the upper facial features can seem too large. The nose and forehead may overwhelm the face, and the jaw may lack definition. Chin augmentation procedures can balance the lower and upper portions of the face for a more symmetrical, attractive facial appearance. One of the best ways to augment the chin is with chin implant surgery, available at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH.

Genetics are usually to blame for a small or receded chin. The lack of projection or width can have a significant impact on the overall facial appearance, especially from the profile. Other features may seem disproportionately large and overwhelm the face. By changing the size and shape of the chin through augmentation surgery, the jaw and neck can be defined while creating harmony with the upper facial features.

Chin Augmentation with Implants

Implants are designed to fit over the chin bone and add volume and projection to the chin and jaw. There are many different sizes and shapes of chin implants that can be used to create the ideal jawline and chin. Dr. Peter Koltz is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in customized facial implants, including chin implants. He can design the perfect chin implant to create the desired jaw and facial shape to enhance your appearance.

Chin implant surgery is performed through a small incision, usually under the chin or inside the mouth. Dr. Koltz uses his expertise to reshape the chin and jaw using one or more chin implants. Once complete, the incision will heal, and there is usually no visible evidence of a scar from the chin implant procedure.

If your small chin is impacting your facial appearance and confidence, chin augmentation surgery may be the solution. pēkomd® plastic surgery center offers chin implants, fillers, tissue grafts and other options for reshaping the chin and jaw. To learn more about chin implants and other chin-shaping procedures, contact our office in Toledo, OH, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Koltz.

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