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Facial Trauma Plastic Surgery

The facial features are delicate and easily damaged by trauma. Whether it is impact from playing sports or trauma from a motor vehicle accident, damage to the facial features can be devastating to the victim. Facial fractures, torn tissue, burns and other injuries can impact the function and appearance of the facial features. At pēkomd® cosmetic and reconstructive surgery center, we offer facial trauma plastic surgery at our clinic in Toledo, OH.

There are over 20 bones in the skull and facial region, with dozens of muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves that allow function. When trauma like car accidents, fires, violence or sports injuries occur to the face, the structural elements can be damaged, impacting normal function. Fractures, nerve damage, torn muscles and more may need repair to restore function, and reconstructive surgery may be needed to recreate the natural appearance of the face.

Facial trauma reconstructive surgery can involve very complex procedures. Bones, nerves and soft tissue could need repair or replacement. Cartilage, fat, bone and skin grafting may be needed to rebuild the facial structures, followed by cosmetic reshaping to reform the features as close as possible to the previous appearance. This can require multiple surgeries, especially for extreme facial trauma.

Top Facial Reconstruction Surgeon

Dr. Peter Koltz is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon that has an excellent reputation for his expertise and experience. His advanced surgical skills and artistic eye have created outstanding results for his facial reconstructive surgery patients. If you have sustained trauma to your nose, ears, lips, eyelids or other facial features, Dr. Koltz can provide a treatment plan to restore the form and function to your features, giving you back your confidence.

Facial trauma can be a devastating experience for the victim. If you do not recognize the person you see in the mirror, consider the benefits of exploring facial reconstructive plastic surgery to improve your appearance and self-esteem. To learn more about facial trauma surgery, contact our team at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center. Call our office in Toledo to schedule a facial reconstructive surgery consultation with Dr. Peter Koltz to discuss your options.

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Patient Experience

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Fashion W.

I searched for years for a surgeon that I could trust after having a terrible experience years ago. I had many consultations with surgeons all over and none compared to Dr. Koltz. He's truly in a league of his own. Dr. Koltz is compassionate, down to earth, professional, and his techniques and state of the art equipment, technology, and products are unmatched. He listens to you and goes above and beyond for his patients to make sure that you're satisfied. The staff is amazing, and everyone is willing to help in any way that they can. You simply can not go wrong having any procedure under the care of Dr. Koltz.


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