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Nipple Reduction Surgery

Genetics, breastfeeding, hormonal changes and other factors impact the size of your breast nipples and areolas. For some people, overly large nipples or areolas can be embarrassing – some larger nipples may even be noticeable through clothing. Two of the options in cosmetic breast procedures are areola and nipple reduction surgery, which we offer at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH.

There are many reasons an individual may consider nipple reduction surgery. Some patients have had wider or longer nipples since their breasts developed, while others have nipples that changed over time. Nipples that are sagging, asymmetrical, stretched or overly large can affect confidence, especially in intimate moments. Nipple reduction or reshaping surgery can create nipples that are more balanced and symmetrical in shape for an improved breast appearance. Often, nipple reduction procedures also include reshaping or reducing the size of the areolas.

Areola Reduction Surgery

Some women have areolas that are larger and seem out of proportion with their breast size. Large or puffy areolas are common with patients with tuberous breasts. Areola and nipple reduction can be performed together to reshape and resize the nipples and areolas for better aesthetics. The goal is to achieve a nipple and areola that are symmetrical and match the size and shape of the breast. The incisions can be carefully hidden along the edges of the areola for a discreet appearance.

While nipple or areola reduction can be performed as stand-alone surgeries, they are often combined with other cosmetic breast procedures. Dr. Peter Koltz is a top breast plastic surgeon who can perform nipple reduction while completing a breast lift, augmentation or reduction procedure. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your breast, nipple or areola appearance, there are options to achieve more attractive breasts. Give yourself the breasts you deserve with cosmetic breast surgery at pēkomd®.

If you are self-conscious of your larger nipples or areolas and want to explore cosmetic alternations, come see us at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center. Contact our facility in Toledo, OH, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Koltz to discuss the options in areola or nipple reduction surgery.

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Patient Experience

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Dr. Koltz and his team at pēkomd® never fail to impress me with their expert-level, personalized, top-notch service. The office atmosphere is clean, comfortable, and relaxing. The staff is genuinely kind, and I always leave knowing I've received truly exceptional care. I'd leave them 10 stars in this review if Google would let me.


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