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Orbital Fracture Repair

The thin bones around the eyes are prone to fractures with impact. Head trauma near the eye socket can result in orbital fractures that can jeopardize the eyes and deform the face. Eye socket fractures may require surgery for repair and restoration of the skull appearance. At pēkomd cosmetic surgery center, we offer orbital fracture repair surgery at our clinic in Toledo, OH.

Eye socket fractures are fairly common. The bones surrounding the eyes are the most delicate areas of the skull. Car accidents, sports injuries, falls and other violent facial encounters can result in small hairline fractures that can trap tissue or nerves, or a completely blown out eye socket that can threaten the eyes and vision. Orbital fractures should be repaired as soon as possible for the best results.

Orbital bone fracture repair is a complex procedure due to the delicate nature of the eyes. There are nerves, muscles, tendons and blood vessels that thread around and through the orbital bones to serve the eyes. Repairing these thin and delicate bones requires precision and expertise to preserve the necessary components for vision. Restoring the orbital bone structure can protect the eyes and improve the facial appearance.

Eye-Socket Repair Surgery

Dr. Peter Koltz is a top plastic and reconstructive surgeon with years of experience. He is board certified and double fellowship trained with extensive expertise performing complex reconstructive procedures. For patients with damage to their eye socket bones, he can determine the best options for fracture repair. Orbital fractures can affect vision and should be repaired as soon as possible after the injury to prevent the bones from fusing incorrectly.

Orbital fracture repair surgery is often performed through incisions inside the eyelid, hiding any scars. When the eye socket is “blown out,” surgery can repair the bones to restore the facial structure while preventing eye injuries.

If you have experienced impact to the face that resulted in damage to the eye socket bones, come see us at pēkomd. Contact our cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH, to schedule an orbital fracture repair consultation with Dr. Koltz. Call us today to book your appointment.

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Patient Experience

Heather A.

He's an incredible surgeon, pays great attention to detail and has wonderful bedside manners. I felt completely at ease going into surgery knowing that I chose an intelligent, caring, and kind doctor. From pre-op to post-op care he has taken time with me, and has given me incredible results. so happy after all the consultations and research I did that I chose Dr. Koltz.


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