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Masseter Reduction

The masseter muscles connect the jawbone to the skull and provide the power to chew and move the jaw. Another aspect of the masseter muscles is the shape they provide to the face. Larger jaw muscles create a wider, more masculine jawline, which is not desirable by everyone. For those who want a narrow or feminine jaw, reducing the masseter muscles can achieve the desired appearance. At pēkomd cosmetic surgery center, we offer masseter reduction treatments and surgery at our clinic in Toledo, OH.

Masseter muscles can be larger due to genetics or lifestyle factors. Those who chew gum regularly or grind their teeth may have larger jaw muscles due to overworking the masseter function. Located on the outside of the jaw on both sides, masseter muscles have a large impact on facial and jaw shape. When they are large in size, the face may appear rounder or square versus heart-shaped or oval. To slim the jaw or lower face, masseter reduction may be desired.

Non-Surgical Masseter Reduction

Botox® injections can be used for non-surgical masseter reduction. The injections will limit muscle contractions to help reduce the size of the jaw muscles. Over a few months, the masseter muscle can shrink, narrowing the jawline for a more feminine appearance. Botox injections can be performed in about 15 minutes with no downtime or recovery needed.

Masseter Reduction Plastic Surgery

For more extensive slimming of the jaw, masseter reduction surgery may be required. Also called jaw shaving, this procedure can trim the masseter muscles to decrease the width of the jaw and lower face. The surgery is performed through the inside of the mouth, hiding any incisions. This can provide a more dramatic reduction in the jaw size for facial feminization, and other benefits for those with bruxism or TMJ disorders.

If you want a slimmer jaw, masseter reduction procedures may be the solution. To learn more about jaw surgery and non-surgical jaw reshaping options with masseter reduction, contact us at pēkomd. Call our plastic surgery center and med spa in Toledo, OH, to schedule a masseter reduction consultation with Dr. Peter Koltz.

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