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Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

Rhinoplasty has been one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures for many decades. Changing your nose shape can have a positive effect on your facial aesthetics and balance. However, not everyone is ready to commit to plastic surgery to change their nose shape. If you want to explore non-surgical nose reshaping, pēkomd® cosmetic surgery in Toledo, OH, offers liquid rhinoplasty.

A misshapen nose can be a distracting feature that draws attention away from the eyes, mouth and other facial elements. Small imperfections like bumps or a crooked nasal bridge interfere with facial balance and symmetry. Rhinoplasty can correct these issues, but it does require surgery and downtime. For some nose shape concerns, dermal fillers can provide non-surgical rhinoplasty for temporary nose reshaping.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

If you have cosmetic flaws that impact your nose shape, liquid rhinoplasty can be a non-invasive way to “try on” a new nose appearance without surgery. Using dermal fillers, imperfections can be fixed for a better nose shape. Not all cosmetic nose concerns can be changed with dermal fillers – the nose cannot be made smaller with fillers. However, there are issues that can be softened and hidden with non-surgical nose reshaping with fillers, including:

  • Pinched nose
  • Bumps on the bridge
  • Crooked nose
  • Oddly shaped nasal tip
  • Flat nose

Dr. Peter Koltz at pēkomd® is a board certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience reshaping noses with or without surgery. His artistic eye and aesthetic skills can achieve beautiful results with rhinoplasty, whether it is using a scalpel or dermal injections. Liquid rhinoplasty can be performed in a quick office visit without any recovery or downtime. The results can last for several months. If you like your new nose shape, you can continue using dermal fillers or opt for a surgical rhinoplasty for permanent nose reshaping.

To learn more about changing your nose shape with facial fillers or cosmetic surgery, come see us at pēkomd®. Contact our cosmetic surgery center to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Koltz at our office in Toledo, OH, to discuss your nose reshaping options.

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Patient Experience

Dr. Koltz with team member
Lexi C.

Absolutely amazing work done here by Dr. Koltz!!!! The staff was amazing and very friendly and welcoming!! I would 1000% recommend Dr. Koltz for any plastic surgery wants or needs!


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