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Ear Reshaping Surgery

The outer ear structure is primarily cartilage, fatty tissue and skin. It is very common for children to be born with misshapen ears. The cartilage is very pliable and can change shape in the womb or during childbirth. Misshapen ears can look odd and bring unwanted negative attention, affecting confidence and self-esteem. If you or your child have misshapen ears, cosmetic surgery may be the solution. pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH, offers ear reshaping surgery.

The ears have a unique shape and vary in shape from person to person. The ideal ear is one that blends well with your head shape and other facial features. An attractive ear does not need to be perfect, but a balanced ear contour and symmetry are important. When the ear seems too large, long or pointed, it can distract from the other facial features. Cosmetic ear shaping surgery can create the ideal shape and size for a proportionate, balanced ear appearance.

Correcting Misshapen Ears

Cosmetic ear reshaping can begin as early as right after childbirth. It is estimated that 30% of infants are born with an irregular ear shape. The high levels of estrogen in newborns makes the cartilage more pliable. A simple ear molding technique can reshape the ears in infants without surgery if the procedure is performed within the first few weeks after birth.

For older children, teens and adults, correcting misshapen ears requires plastic surgery. Children can undergo otoplasty (pinning) or reshaping surgery once their ears are fully developed, usually around ages 5-7. Depending on the type of deformity, ear reshaping may require skin, fat or cartilage grafting techniques to create the ideal ear shape and balanced contour.

Dr. Peter Koltz is a double fellowship-trained and board certified plastic surgeon. He is highly skilled in ear plastic and reconstructive surgery. If you desire to alter your ear shape for a more pleasant aesthetic appearance, or your child has misshapen ears, you can trust the expertise of Dr. Koltz for your procedure.

To learn more about ear reshaping surgery, contact us at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center. Call our Toledo, OH, office to schedule your ear reshaping consultation with Dr. Koltz today.

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Patient Experience

Dr. Koltz with team member
Patty W.

I’m love Dr. Koltz. He’s performed a lower face lift in me and recently an abdominoplasty and 360 lipo. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you to his wonderful staff too. These experiences have enhanced my life immensely.


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