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Temple Filler Treatment

One of the areas of the face that can lose volume with age is the temples. A small amount of volume loss can make a significant difference in the appearance of the eyes and face. Sunken temples can increase the lines around the eyes and add years to the age of the face. A quick solution to refresh the upper face and eye area is temple filler treatment, available at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center in Toledo, OH.

When there is loss of volume in the temples, it is not immediately evident what has changed. You may notice more wrinkles around the outside of the eyes, crow’s feet or the eyes may look more tired. The change in the temples is subtle, but it creates a narrower face that is equated with aging. By adding volume to this area, you can restore a more youthful appearance that looks more energetic and attractive.

Treatment for Sunken Temples

Dermal fillers add volume under the skin that is lost as part of the natural aging process. Most facial fillers use hyaluronic acid, which absorbs moisture to plump under the skin. But there are other fillers that can also increase volume. If you have sunken temples, treatment with dermal fillers can restore volume and expand the face outside the eyes to a more youthful fullness. This can diminish lines and wrinkles, while improving the overall appearance of the upper face.

Temples are often overlooked as a cosmetic treatment area. Many people do not realize this area can have such a dramatic impact on their facial shape, eyes and overall youthful expression. A quick temple filler treatment can immediately refresh the face to make it appear more pleasant, youthful and attractive. The treatment can be performed in less than a half hour without the need for downtime. Depending on the filler used, the results can last several months or up to a few years.

If sunken temples are making you look old, tired or unhappy, come see us at pēkomd® cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center. Contact our Toledo, OH, office today to schedule a consultation to discuss sunken temple treatment.

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Patient Experience

Dr. Koltz with team member
Leeann B.

Fantastic experience with Dr. Koltz and his staff! I now have firm and perky breasts like when I was 19. No implants, minimal discomfort. Pre-procedure education, day of surgery, and follow-up visits are top tier. I highly recommend pēkomd®!


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