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Ear Trauma Plastic Surgery

The outer ear is vulnerable to injury due to its delicate structure and precarious position on the side of the head. From ripped ear lobes from heavy earrings to burns and lacerations in vehicle accidents, the ears can be horribly deformed from trauma. Damaged ears can impact the aesthetics of the head and face, as well as pose functional problems. At pēkomd® plastic surgery center, we offer ear trauma plastic surgery and ear reconstruction at our facility in Toledo, OH.

Trauma to the ear can be devastating. Not only can the outer ear be deformed, but it may limit other functions. Wearing reading, sun or corrective glasses may be difficult, as well as facial masks, earrings and hearing aid devices. You may not realize how important the shape of the outer ear is until you experience trauma that damages the structure.

Dr. Peter Koltz is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is highly respected for his artistic and surgical skills. If you or a family member have experienced ear disfiguration from trauma, you can trust Dr. Koltz to provide the expertise required to restore improved appearance and function for your outer ear.

Ear Reconstruction Plastic Surgery

Ear reconstruction is a complex procedure that almost always will require grafting techniques. Cartilage, skin and fatty tissue may be harvested from other areas of the body to recreate the ear structure. Depending on the extent of the damage, ear reconstruction may require multiple surgeries to allow the new grafted tissue to heal and then be sculpted into the desired shape. Dr. Koltz will explain the best possible options for restoring a natural appearance to the ear and what to expect before, during and after your procedure.

Accidents and trauma that cause outer ear damage can be life changing. However, ear plastic and reconstructive surgery can give you back confidence in your appearance, as well as restore functional aspects of your outer ear. To learn more about ear trauma plastic surgery, contact us at pēkomd® in Toledo, OH, to schedule an informative ear reconstruction consultation with Dr. Koltz.

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Patient Experience

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Teresa S.

My experience with Dr Koltz @ pekomd® was wonderful. He is by far the most down to earth Dr I have ever met and has an eye for details. After hearing about him through someone I follow on IG I made an appt for a consultation. After explaining how I was hoping an abdominal repair may help my lower back issues I had from carrying my kids 30 yrs ago. We discussed some other body things I was unhappy with. Because at that point I figured if I'm going to go under the knife for a tummy repair, I might as well check off a few other things as well. I mean for me this was a once in a lifetime thing and I planned to make the most of it. Dr Koltz was so knowledgeable and quick to tell me where I'd get more bang for my buck. Even recommended a thing or 2. He is truly a talented Dr and so very personable, makes you feel comfortable from the 1st day and wants you to look and feel your best. I would say if you’re on the fence about a surgery to change your body, he is definitely the Dr you should see first. His staff will make you feel comfortable from the first appt and answer all your questions. I'm also a longer distance customer, so 5 hrs round trip and I was always so impressed at how easily they worked with me to accommodate my appts . Truly the best place!

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