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Keloid Scar Removal

When there is a wound to the skin, scar tissue is formed to replace the damaged skin. Normal scar formation stays within the borders of the wound and will be flush with the skin. Hypertrophic scars are raised but still stay within the borders. Keloid scars are raised and grow beyond the borders of the wound. At pēkomd cosmetic surgery center, we offer keloid scar removal treatment at our facility in Toledo, OH.

Keloid scar formations occur when too much collagen is produced, and the scar tissue continues to be produced months and years after the wound occurred. Anyone can experience a keloid scar, but they are more common among darker-skinned individuals that are under the age of thirty. Any wound to the skin can cause a keloid – from acne cysts and piercings to surgical incisions. Some keloid growths can become very large over time, causing discomfort and disfiguring effects.

Treatment for Keloids

Removing keloid scars is more complex than other types of scars. Simply removing the scar tissue with lasers or excision is not effective. The keloid will likely grow back and may become even larger than before. Treatment for keloid scars requires a combination of medications and removal techniques to stop the scar tissue production while improving the appearance of the skin.

Dr. Peter Koltz is a board certified plastic surgeon and keloid removal specialist. He can determine the best treatment plan to remove the scar tissue and prevent re-formation of the keloid. Non-surgical treatments such as injections, laser treatments, silicone sheets and other medications can be effective for smaller keloids. More pronounced growths may need surgical revision along with the other treatments. While keloid treatment is complicated, with the right combination of therapy, there is up to a 90% success rate.

If you have a keloid scar that is becoming larger, do not wait to begin treatment. The sooner you see a keloid scar specialist for treatment, the better chance you have for a positive outcome. To learn more about keloid scar removal options, contact us at pēkomd. Call our cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH, to schedule your keloid treatment consultation.

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Patient Experience

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He's an incredible surgeon, pays great attention to detail and has wonderful bedside manners. I felt completely at ease going into surgery knowing that I chose an intelligent, caring, and kind doctor. From pre-op to post-op care he has taken time with me, and has given me incredible results. so happy after all the consultations and research I did that I chose Dr. Koltz.


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