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Chemical Brow Lift

The forehead and eyebrows are common areas to show the signs of aging. Glabella lines (11s), worry lines and drooping eyebrows can make your face look older – it can even make you appear angry or upset. Brow lifts are a popular option to restore a more youthful and pleasant appearance to the eyebrows and forehead. At pēkomd® cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center, we offer a non-surgical chemical brow lift with wrinkle relaxer injections at our facility in Toledo, OH.

Surgical brow lifts are performed with incisions to remove excess skin and elevate the eyebrows. While very effective for achieving a more youthful brow, it is an invasive procedure. For some patients in the earlier stages of brow aging, a non-surgical brow lift can be achieved with wrinkle relaxer injections. This treatment can be completed in a quick office visit with no downtime, for a fraction of the cost of a surgical brow lift.

Liquid Eyebrow Lift

The lines on the forehead and sagging eyebrows can make your face look sad, angry or tired. To refresh the brow, relaxing the underlying muscles can achieve a more pleasant appearance. Wrinkle relaxer works by blocking muscle contractions that can cause furrows in the forehead skin and may pull down the eyebrows. To achieve a wrinkle relaxer chemical brow lift, the exact muscles that cause lines and sagging eyebrows must be targeted. Our providers know the precise muscles to treat to obtain the desired results.

Wrinkle relaxer injections can be completed in about 20 minutes at our Toledo clinic. The treatment is not painful, and no recovery is needed. The results become noticeable in less than a week, and you can expect the effects to last up to four months. The treatment can be repeated as needed to maintain a more youthful-appearing brow.

If you want to erase forehead lines and elevate your eyebrows for a more youthful look, contact us at pēkomd®. We offer wrinkle relaxer chemical brow lift treatment at our cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center. Call our office in Toledo, OH, to schedule a liquid brow lift consultation with Dr. Peter Koltz.

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Patient Experience

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Jen. H.

Dr Koltz is one in a million. He sits down and listens to every concern. It’s like meeting with a friend at every consult. He has worked miracles for me on correcting another local surgeon mistake. He is very skilled and knowledgeable in profession. Dr Koltz and his staff treat you like family. I love them and you will too! For me there is no other choice!

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