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Neck Liposuction

Submental fat under the chin and on the neck can impact your jawline, chin and neck appearance. Neck and chin fat are often not related to body weight – many people with a healthy body weight can still have a double chin or excess fat around the neck. The only way to remove targeted fat deposits is with cosmetic procedures. At pēkomd® cosmetic surgery center, we offer neck liposuction to reshape the neck and chin at our Toledo, OH clinic.

Genetics, hormones, medications, aging and other factors can contribute to excess neck and chin fat. Since loose or fatty chins and necks are more common with age, submental fat can make the face and neck look older. Removing submental fat can slim the neck and enhance the definition of the chin and jawline. One of the best options for reshaping the neck is liposuction surgery.

Neck Reshaping Surgery

Neck liposuction can be used as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with a neck lift. Younger patients who have a double chin or neck fat due to genetics or hormone imbalance are good candidates for neck liposuction. This procedure can remove unwanted submental fat to slim and shape the neck and chin, but it does not affect the skin. It is important to have good skin elasticity to allow the skin to shrink and tighten after the procedure. Those with skin laxity in the neck area with submental fat can benefit from a neck lift with liposuction.

Neck liposuction surgery is an outpatient procedure. At pēkomd®, we offer both traditional liposuction as well as options like RFAL, radiofrequency-assisted liposuction. Most patients will need to wear a compression garment after their procedure to help reduce swelling and improve skin tightening. The results improve as the swelling dissipates over the weeks following the neck reshaping procedure.

If you have a double chin or thick neck due to submental fat, neck liposuction surgery may be right for you. To learn more about our neck reshaping procedures at pēkomd®, contact us at our cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH. We can schedule a neck consultation to discuss our surgical and non-surgical options for neck slimming and tightening treatments.

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Patient Experience

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Lexi C.

Absolutely amazing work done here by Dr. Koltz!!!! The staff was amazing and very friendly and welcoming!! I would 1000% recommend Dr. Koltz for any plastic surgery wants or needs!


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