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Nasal Reconstruction Plastic Surgery

The nose is a vital facial feature, both for form and function. It is also a common feature that is damaged from a wide variety of issues. The nose structure is mostly cartilage and skin, with only a short nasal bone to support the nasal passages. When trauma, disease or lifestyle choices damage the nose, plastic surgery may be needed to restore the shape and function. Dr. Peter Koltz at pēkomd® offers nasal reconstruction plastic surgery at our facility in Toledo, OH.

Trauma can cause extreme damage to the nose. The protrusion of the nose makes it vulnerable in sports injuries, vehicle wrecks, violence and other trauma to the face. A broken nose is a common injury, but some impact injuries are worse than others. Other possible causes of structural damage to the nose include:

  • Nasal drug use/abuse
  • Skin cancer
  • Medical conditions
  • Complications from rhinoplasty

When the structure is damaged, it can impact the aesthetics of the face, but also breathing and the sinuses. Nasal reconstruction plastic surgery can restore the functional aspects of the nose while improving the overall appearance.

Nose Repair Surgery

Dr. Peter Koltz is a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with years of experience in nose reconstruction. While rhinoplasty is primarily for aesthetics, nasal reconstruction focuses on both functional and cosmetic restoration of the nose structure. Many nasal reconstruction surgeries will require rebuilding the nasal walls and bridge. Cartilage grafting is common, harvesting cartilage from the ribs or other areas of the body to reconstruct the nasal structure. Dr. Koltz has the surgical expertise and artistic skills to effectively restore the nose structure while ensuring the appearance is balanced with the other facial features.

Nose trauma repair and other reconstruction plastic surgery procedures are complex. You want a highly experienced and talented plastic surgeon to perform this type of complicated facial restoration. Dr. Koltz is one of the top plastic surgeons in Ohio and Southeastern Michigan, and an excellent choice if you need nasal reconstruction plastic surgery.

If you have experienced nose trauma or damage, contact our team at pēkomd®. Call our cosmetic and reconstruction surgery center in Toledo, OH, to schedule a nasal plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Koltz.

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Patient Experience

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Amber B.

Dr. Koltz and his team at pēkomd® never fail to impress me with their expert-level, personalized, top-notch service. The office atmosphere is clean, comfortable, and relaxing. The staff is genuinely kind, and I always leave knowing I've received truly exceptional care. I'd leave them 10 stars in this review if Google would let me.


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