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Non-Surgical Cheek Lift

Age has a dramatic impact on the midface and cheeks. The youthful and firm high cheeks can flatten and fall as you get older. Aging cheeks can lose volume and drop, increasing the appearance of hollows and bags under the eyes. Nasolabial folds may deepen as the cheek skin loses elasticity and sags. While other facial procedures can address these changes, there are non-invasive options. The pēkomd® cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center offers a non-surgical cheek lift at our clinic in Toledo, OH.

There are a few different changes that contribute to cheeks flattening and sagging. One of the first factors is lost volume in the upper cheek. Fat in the upper cheeks can diminish with age, allowing the cheek to flatten. This can increase the hollows and bags under the eyes without the volume to smooth the transition between the cheekbones and undereye area.

Another change in the midface and cheeks is skin laxity. As the skin loses collagen and elastin with age, the skin loses firmness. The nasolabial folds may deepen around the nose, and there is noticeable drooping in the cheek area.

Cheek Skin Tightening and Fillers

To achieve a non-surgical cheek lift, we can use a few different non-invasive procedures. To address the lost volume in the cheeks, filler injections are an effective treatment. Dermal fillers can add volume to smooth the transition between the undereye area and cheeks, diminishing eye bags. Fillers can also plump under smile lines or the nasolabial folds. To firm the cheek and midface skin, radiofrequency (RF) treatments are ideal. There is no downtime needed with RF skin tightening, which can increase collagen and elastin for a lifted, youthful cheek appearance.

If you have lost volume or firmness in your cheeks, a non-surgical cheek lift may be the solution. To learn more about cheek skin tightening and fillers for a non-invasive cheek or midface lift, contact us at pēkomd®. Call our cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center in Toledo, OH, to schedule a consultation. We can book an appointment with Dr. Peter Koltz, our board certified plastic surgeon, to discuss the best procedure to achieve your cosmetic goals.

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Patient Experience

Dr. Koltz with team member
Jen. H.

Dr Koltz is one in a million. He sits down and listens to every concern. It’s like meeting with a friend at every consult. He has worked miracles for me on correcting another local surgeon mistake. He is very skilled and knowledgeable in profession. Dr Koltz and his staff treat you like family. I love them and you will too! For me there is no other choice!


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