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Droopy Eyelid Surgery

When the upper eyelid closes slightly, the eyes look tired. Droopy eyelids often make a person appear sleepy or lazy, but it may be due to issues with the muscles or tissues in the upper eyelid. Ptosis, dermatochalasis and other eyelid conditions can create the appearance of droopy eyelids. Dr. Peter Koltz at pēkomd offers droopy eyelid surgery at our cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH.

Ptosis Repair Surgery

One of the causes of droopy upper eyelids is muscular ptosis. This is a condition that affects the levitator muscles that control the opening and closing of the eyelid. When this muscle is weakened or damaged, the eyelid can close slightly, creating a sleepy appearance. Severe ptosis can also impact vision when patients cannot open their eyes fully.

Ptosis repair surgery can tighten and repair the muscles in the upper eyelid to improve movement. This can make it easier for the levitator muscles in the upper eyelid to keep the eyes open and avoid the droopy eyelid appearance.

Reducing Excess Eyelid Skin (Dermatochalasis)

Excess skin and fat on the upper eyelid (dermatochalasis) can cause a droopy appearance. This is most common in older individuals, but it can be a genetic condition. Blepharoplasty, or an upper eyelid lift surgery, can remove excess skin and fat deposits. This can open the eyes and create a more youthful, energetic appearance.

Individuals with droopy eyelids may have ptosis, dermatochalasis or both. Droopy eyelid surgery can fix both issues, repairing the levitator muscles in the eyelid as well as removing excess skin and fatty tissue. Not only can this procedure improve the appearance of the eyes, but it may also remedy vision issues caused by a droopy upper eyelid.

If you have upper eyelids that cover part of your iris when resting, you may have ptosis. Excess skin or fat on your upper eyelid may make the condition worse. For droopy eyelid surgery options, contact our team at pēkomd. Call our cosmetic surgery center in Toledo, OH, to schedule a ptosis repair consultation with Dr. Peter Koltz.

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