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7 Reasons to Book Routine Facials

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Skin health is akin to a beautiful journey, full of ups and downs, changes, and revelations. At PekoMD in Toledo, we believe that routine facials are the compass guiding you towards luminous, radiant skin. Much more than just a spa day treat, these treatments can be a game-changer in your skincare regime. Let’s dive into the manifold benefits of incorporating facials into your routine.

1. Deep Cleansing Beyond Daily Wash

Your daily face wash can clear away surface dirt and oils, but it might not always reach deeper impurities. Routine facials ensure that your pores are thoroughly cleansed, preventing potential breakouts and enhancing your skin’s clarity.

2. Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation

The magic touch of an experienced esthetician, combined with potent skincare products, can work wonders in boosting collagen production and promoting cell turnover. This means fewer visible fine lines, reduced wrinkles, and a youthful glow that shines from within.

3. Enhanced Blood Circulation

The gentle massage techniques used during a facial can stimulate blood flow beneath your skin. Enhanced circulation ensures that skin cells receive more oxygen and nutrients, resulting in a natural radiance.

4. Expert Skin Analysis

Regular visits to PekoMD provide an opportunity for professionals to assess your skin’s health and track any changes. With routine facials, any minor issues can be caught and addressed early, before they escalate.

5. Tailored Skincare Recommendations

Every facial session is a chance to understand your skin better. Based on its current condition, our experts can recommend products or treatments that will maximize your skincare benefits, ensuring that you’re always putting your best face forward.

6. Stress Reduction

While facials are primarily known for their skincare benefits, there’s no denying the relaxation they offer. The ambiance, combined with soothing techniques, provides a calming effect, reducing stress levels—a boon in our fast-paced world!

7. Consistency Equals Results

Just as regular workouts yield better fitness results, routine facials ensure consistent skincare benefits. Whether it’s maintaining moisture levels, ensuring even skin tone, or tackling specific issues, consistency is key.

When Was Your Last Facial?

Facials, when done routinely, are much more than an indulgence—they’re an investment in your skin’s health and beauty. At PekoMD in Toledo, our commitment is to guide you on this rejuvenating journey, ensuring that every facial session brings you one step closer to your skincare goals. Why wait for a special occasion? Make radiant skin a regular affair with routine facials! Our clinic proudly offers a full menu of advanced facials, including those for pigmentation, acne, fine lines and more.


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Marijan F.

My experience with Peter Koltz was absolutely fantastic. Everything was completely explained to me in detail. He truly respected my need to know all and how, his work is impeccable . And his staff couldn't be more helpful and understanding!!! Can't say enough great things about my experience. Would recommend Dr Koltz to everyone.. <3

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