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How much does Breast Augmentation (Implants) Plastic Surgery Cost?

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Breast Augmentation (Implants)

Breast augmentation cosmetic surgery is usually performed as an elective procedure, which means you may not be eligible for insurance coverage for it. Therefore, cost becomes an important starting point for many patients seeking to enhance their breast appearance.

However, the procedure involves high skills, so your primary goal should be to choose the best qualified surgeon rather than prioritizing a low cost breast implant surgery. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Koltz provides breast augmentation to patients in Toledo, Maumee, Northwest Ohio, Southeastern Michigan, and surrounding locations.

Consider All the Costs Associated with the Surgery

While you are considering the costs of breast augmentation plastic surgery, it is important to account for all the pre- and post-operative costs along with the costs of actual surgery. When you receive a quote from a surgery practice, make sure to check which cost components may or may not be included in the price. The key cost components in a breast augmentation procedure may include:

  • The surgeon’s fee
  • Fee of the anesthesiologist
  • Operating room charges
  • Overnight stay at the hospital, if necessary
  • Cost of breast implants
  • Mammograms and other pre- or post-op medical tests
  • Prescription drugs and antibiotics
  • Special surgical bra or other post-surgical garments

Is the Cost and Quality of Surgery Correlated?

Cost alone should not be a determinant of your choice of a plastic surgeon for your breast implants surgery. However, in general, a highly skilled surgeon would be more in demand and may be hard-pressed for time. They may charge a relatively higher fee than someone who does not have equivalent credentials or skills.

If a practice is offering you an exceptionally low cost, it should raise a red flag because you might face hidden charges later on, which will come as an unpleasant surprise. Moreover, cutting corners on the standards of care for an advanced procedure such as breast augmentation may compromise the safety and success of your surgery.

While the cost factor cannot be ignored, you should pay attention to whether the plastic surgeon is board certified by the ABPS, what is their treatment philosophy, and whether they would be able to provide you personalized care and services that you are expecting.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Apart from the surgeon’s qualifications and training (which often determines their fee), some other key factors may also affect your actual costs of surgery. If your chosen practice is located in a prime urban center, they may have higher real estate costs and other expenses, which will affect the final cost of surgery.

Whether your breast implants plastic surgery is performed at a hospital, an accredited surgery center or a private surgical suite will also make a difference to the costs. You may consider the pros and cons of each option in order to make a salient choice.

The type of breast implants you choose will also influence your cost. In many cases, women want to combine their breast augmentation with a breast lift surgery, which will increase the overall cost. Therefore, you should be aware that the financial ramifications of the procedure can vary from one patient to another at different practices or even at the same practice.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Peter Koltz receives patients from Toledo, Maumee, Northwest Ohio, Southeastern Michigan, and nearby areas for breast enhancement procedures.

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