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Sun Spots Treatment

Darker pigmented skin cells can be caused by a variety of factors. Sun exposure, hormonal changes, aging and other elements can trigger the formation of brown spots on the skin. These skin lesions are called many names – sun, age, brown and liver spots are among the labels for these benign skin flaws. At pēkomd® cosmetic surgery and rejuvenation center in Toledo, OH, we offer brown and sun spots treatment.

Brown spots on the skin are more common as you get older, which is why they are often called age spots. Years of sun exposure and other environmental damage to the skin can result in discolored lesions. These spots may begin as small freckles on the hands, face or chest, becoming more pronounced with time. Many people are unhappy with the appearance of age spots, which can make them appear older than they feel. To restore even tone and a more youthful skin appearance, we can perform brown spot removal treatments with our med spa treatments in Toledo.

Brown Spot Removal

There are a few different procedures that can be effective at removing sun spots on the skin. IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments are painless and non-invasive, which can target darker pigmented skin cells for removal. Other laser skin treatments can also be effective to remove spots and restore an even tone and texture to the skin. Many of these procedures offer other benefits, including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking pores and fading facial scars for a facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Peter Koltz and our team at pēkomd® utilize the latest in aesthetic technology for skin improvements. Most of our laser treatments for brown spot removal require little or no downtime, with amazing results. We offer treatments for all skin types with ablative and non-ablative options available.

If sun spots are appearing on your skin, there are effective treatments for removal. To learn more about sun spots treatment with laser or light energy technology, come see us at pēkomd®. Contact our cosmetic surgery and med spa center in Toledo, OH, to schedule your brown spot removal consultation.

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My experience with pēkomd® is always amazing!!!! Every time I walk in, I am greeted with the most friendliness staff and am always asked if I would like a water or anything to drink! The staff really cares about your needs and makes you feel very comfortable with whatever you are getting done!


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