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    IPLIPL Photofacial

    IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a light-emitting photofacial device to improve your skin flaws, reduce pigmentation, rejuvenate the skin and restore the natural glow. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koltz provides IPL photofacials in Toledo, OH to patients who want a less intensive treatment than laser skin resurfacing. IPL treatment is non-ablative, which means no skin removal occurs in this procedure, and downtime is negligible.

    Conditions Treated with an IPL Photofacial

    The advantage with an IPL photo-rejuvenation treatment is that rather than use a sharply focused single light wavelength, it emits a broad spectrum of wavelengths that are released in short bursts of energy (intense pulses). This provides two-pronged benefits for your skin.

    Firstly, the IPL wavelengths reduce the hyperpigmentation and restore a more natural and smooth complexion. Secondly, the heat energy delivered through IPL light promotes the generation of fresh collagen fibers to reduce skin laxity and improve the skin tone.

    Dr. Koltz along with his trained aestheticians can improve the following skin conditions using a custom IPL photofacial treatment:

    • Sun damage
    • Red and brown spots
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Acne scarring
    • Freckles and age spots
    • Rosacea and redness
    • Coarse skin texture
    • Premature aging lines
    • Vascular lesions
    • Spider veins
    • Dull or pale complexion

    Aesthetic Benefits of IPL Therapy

    Dr. Koltz and his team will create a comprehensive IPL photofacial treatment plan to help you achieve the following skin rejuvenation benefits with IPL therapy:

    • Treat Sun Damage: IPL therapy fights the effects of harmful UV rays breaking down the discolored and damaged cells in the deep dermis. At the same time, the IPL heat energy works to stimulate new collagen production in the skin to replenish the collagen stores disrupted by sun exposure.
    • Improve Acne Scars: A series of IPL photo-rejuvenation treatments will not only reduce inflammation and treat certain types of active acne, it will also work to improve acne scar tissue. Continued photofacials will enable your skin to shed the outer layer to gradually eliminate minor acne scars.
    • Restore Complexion: Blood vessel aberrations in your skin are best treated with IPL therapy because the red blood cells easily absorb the pulsed light. A skilled treatment provider can diffuse rosacea and redness, eliminate broken capillaries and mitigate spider veins with an IPL photofacial.

    How does IPL Photo-rejuvenation Work?

    Your IPL photofacial expert will precisely calibrate the IPL device to address the unique skin flaws you want to target or to provide a complete facial rejuvenation. As the red blood cells and melanin pigment in your affected areas of the skin absorb the intense light pulses from the IPL device, the controlled heat energy will penetrate into the deeper tissue.

    The heat energy will not damage the healthy surrounding skin, but only create a superficial non-burn injury to correct the flaws. The skin’s natural repair mechanism will be activated to rejuvenate your dermal tissue. Cellular regeneration will occur to replace the dead or damaged skin cells in the epidermis with new, healthy cells.

    To a lesser degree, the IPL treatment will also trigger the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers, which are the skin tightening and volumizing proteins. This will help restore vibrant, supple, and younger looking skin. Skin discoloration will be reduced to make way for a more even complexion as the light pulses disintegrate the dark pigment within your freckles and age spots.

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    Dr. Koltz is a double fellowship trained ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon and performs a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Toledo OH, Maumee, Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.

    For IPL therapy, turn to pēkomd to restore a rejuvenated face and body. To learn more about our non-surgical cosmetic procedures, book a private consultation with Dr. Koltz at our Toledo, OH office.


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