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    FaceTiteFaceTite by InMode

    Excess fat and loose skin in your lower face and neck can become resistant to diet and exercise over time. FaceTite by InMode is a minimally invasive way to slim down these problem zones with stubborn fat and tighten loose skin to restore a younger looking face.

    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koltz provides FaceTite treatment in Toledo, OH to eliminate unwanted fat pockets, firm up sagging tissue, and stimulate new collagen fibers to help you achieve a youthful facial contour.

    Benefits of FaceTite Facial Contouring

    When you want to avoid a facelift surgery, FaceTite facial contouring system could be an ideal non-surgical alternative to help you turn the clock back. Dr. Koltz and his trained team of aestheticians will work skillfully in the sub-dermal facial plane using the innovative FaceTite radiofrequency (RF) technology to contract your loose tissue and enhance face and neck contour. Advantages of FaceTite include:

    • Directional RF field for targeted face and neck tissue remodeling
    • Precision targeting of 100% RF energy in the problem zones
    • Dual temperature device for superior control, comfort, and safety
    • Deeper and more natural looking results with sub-dermal changes
    • Computer-assisted fat reduction technique to improve facial contour
    • Skin contraction even in small, hard to reach facial areas
    • Non-surgical alternative to facelift and neck lift excision surgeries
    • Minimal discomfort or downtime and little to no risk
    • Natural looking, longer lasting results with negligible scarring

    How does FaceTite Work?

    FaceTiteA custom FaceTite facial contouring treatment with Dr. Koltz will work at multiple levels to deliver comprehensive and sustainable outcomes for your lower face and neck appearance.

    • Sculpted Contour: FaceTite will eliminate excess fat tissue deposits from the face and neck without involving a traumatic excision or liposuction. With strategic delivery of RF energy and the use of a specialized FaceTite cannula, liquefied fat is extracted gently with dramatically sculpted results.
    • Tighter Skin: The RF energy will penetrate into the deeper tissue layers in your face and neck to cause controlled skin contraction as well as trigger the buildup of fresh collagen fibers. This will tighten your skin and add volume to create smoother skin, while reduce wrinkles and creases.
    • Firmer Jawline: The unique FaceTite wand will allow your surgeon to enhance your jawline contour and other lower facial features to make them firmer and naturally balanced. The temperature levels are constantly monitored and computer controlled for most effective, pain-free results.
    • Low Stress: The RF energy delivered through the FaceTite device will not just liquefy the stubborn fat cells, but also coagulate the blood vessels in the surrounding area. This ensures minimal tissue trauma and bruising so that you can achieve a quick recovery and optimal outcomes in a low stress way.

    Recovery and Results

    Bruising is rare after a FaceTite procedure, but some swelling will occur in the treated sites, which will disappear on its own in less than a week. Just one FaceTite treatment will typically achieve visible, natural looking results that may last for years.

    Results will continue to improve over several months as new collagen formation occurs in the skin. Unlike a traditional facelift or neck lift surgery, a FaceTite will create almost no scarring and will leave you with impressive facial contours and rejuvenated skin.

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    Dr. Koltz is a double fellowship trained ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon and performs a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Toledo OH, Maumee, Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.

    For FaceTite by InMode, turn to pēkomd to restore sculpted and firm facial and neck contours. To learn more about our non-surgical cosmetic procedures, book a private consultation with Dr. Koltz at our Toledo, OH office.

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