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    AccuTiteAccuTite by InMode

    Most of the non-surgical cosmetic procedures are unable to treat small, difficult to reach areas in your body. This is where AccuTite minimally invasive facial contouring and skin remodeling technology comes in. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Koltz provides AccuTite by InMode in Toledo, OH for facial and body skin tightening with virtually no scarring, no discomfort and minimal downtime.

    AccuTite is, in fact, the smallest radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) device to achieve the desired tissue contraction in hard to reach problem zones in your face and body. Precision heating through RF energy in the mid to deep dermis layers will create desirable, long lasting results without excisional surgery and involving only local anesthesia.

    Benefits of AccuTite for Face and Body

    Dr. Koltz recommends AccuTite to his patients when they have skin laxity and minor fat pockets in small problem zones in the face and/or the body. Here are some of the areas that can benefit from the precision targeted RF treatment with AccuTite:


    • Brows: Fine lines between the brows or sagging brows may alter your natural facial expression and obscure your attractive eye appearance. AccuTite will provide a subtle brow lift to enhance your upper face.
    • Periorbital Area: The area around your lower and upper eyelids can show conspicuous signs of aging or even cause partial vision obstruction. AccuTite will restore open and alert eye appearance and smooth the eyelid skin.
    • Laugh Lines: Clinically called nasolabial folds, these conspicuous skin creases may develop between the nose and the corners of your mouth. AccuTite device can precisely target this area and reduce the laugh lines.
    • Marionette Lines: These aging lines appear in the lower third part of your face, running from the sides of your mouth down to the chin. You can minimize or erase these marionette lines with AccuTite RF treatment.
    • Neck Bands: Vertical neck bands and sagging skin in the neck can take away the attention from your face and make you appear older. Choose AccuTite to provide a gentle lift to the neck tissue and to smooth the lines.


    • Bra Fat: Axilla bra fat or underarm fat may become more conspicuous when you are wearing a bra. Consider AccuTite skin remodeling with Dr. Koltz to reduce the fat and restore more youthful contours in this problem zone.
    • Upper Arms: Loose or hanging skin in the upper arms can affect your overall upper body contour. A custom AccuTite treatment from the underarm to elbow can help restore tighter and smoother upper arms.
    • Hands: The back of your hands is one of the most visible areas, which can conspicuously reveal the signs of aging. AccuTite can replenish the collagen in your hands to volumize the skin and reduce your wrinkles in the hands.
    • Thighs: Loose skin in the inner and outer thighs is one of the hardest areas to treat with diet and exercise. Your upper legs will respond in an excellent way with AccuTite RF skin tightening to smooth out your thigh tissue.
    • Knees: Skin tissue in your knees is constantly under stress because of frequent stretching movement. Loose or sagging skin in your knees can be naturally tightened with AccuTite to give you wrinkle-free knee appearance.

    Results with AccuTite

    The 3D skin tightening and remodeling with AccuTite will restore younger and natural looking face and body contours in small, hard to reach areas. Studies show that up to 25% of skin tissue contraction can be achieved with just one AccuTite treatment. Your results will continue to improve over several months as natural collagen repair and tissue healing process occurs in the sub-dermal layers.

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    Dr. Koltz is a double fellowship trained ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon and performs a range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in Toledo OH, Maumee, Northwest Ohio, and Southeastern Michigan.

    For AccuTite by InMode, turn to pēkomd to restore tighter and smoother facial and body appearance. To learn more about our non-surgical cosmetic procedures, book a private consultation with Dr. Koltz at our Toledo, OH office.

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