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    Vaginal Rejuvenation, Creating the Designer Vagina in Toledo

    As you age, your vaginal anatomy changes just as the rest of the body may change over time as estrogen levels in your body change. Pregnancy and childbirth may also alter your vaginal anatomy, with some undesirable side effects. These may be greatly improved with a customized approach to your vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

    Vaginal rejuvenation with pekoMD in Toledo may offer a way to enhance the appearance and function of your vagina. Different treatment options that target specific concerns are available, whether aiming for cosmetic changes or functional improvement. Depending on your chosen vaginal rejuvenation procedures, you may be able to obtain a more toned, and rejuvenated external vagina. There may also be improvements in internal function with decreased urinary leakage with stress (stress urinary incontinence), and also with improvement in internal vaginal laxity. Lastly, many women are also most satisfied with improvement in vaginal lubrication following procedures customized to them.

    If you have questions regarding the vaginal rejuvenation process, Ivy-League and double fellowship trained ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Koltz can answer all of your concerns. At pēkoMD, we only use the newest and most advance technology to help speed up the healing process, reduce pain, scarring, and help you get the results you desire.

    What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

    The term vaginal rejuvenation refers to any alternations in vaginal anatomy, both internally and externally, for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons. Individuals may choose to undergo vaginal rejuvenation for relief from disrupted functions (leakage or dryness), improved sensation during intercourse, or enhancement of cosmetic external appearance. Possible improvements may include eliminating vaginal dryness, tightening of the vagina, and decreasing incontinence. Labiaplasty is often performed to remove excess external labia or clitoral hood tissue (clitoral hood reduction).

    In Toledo, vaginal rejuvenation for cosmetic purposes could improve outward vaginal appearance through various treatments. Alterations to the labia, clitoral hood, and vulva are a few cosmetic options for vaginal rejuvenation. Internal procedures may include tightening the vaginal canal and repairing the perineum, a skin area located between the vagina and anus, which childbirth may damage.

    Types of Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments


    A vaginoplasty performance aims to tighten the vaginal canal by removing excess skin and bringing the muscles closer together. It may be accompanied by a perineoplasty, which repairs the perineum located between the anus and vagina.


    During a labiaplasty, a reshaping of the labia occurs by removing extra tissue of the labia minora. Results aim to reduce labia length, correct asymmetry, and alter the general labia shape. The extra labial tissue that is removed often is pinched or uncomfortable in certain clothing or activities including intercourse or exercise and this is alleviated with labiaplasty. You may have no symptoms and simply want to improve the external appearance. There is no such thing as a correct or incorrect appearance to a vagina. It is all about what you want!

    Labia Majoraplasty

    A labia majoraplasty procedure intends to reduce the size of the labia majora. Reasons for this procedure include discomfort due to increased size or aesthetic preferences.

    Labia Majora Augmentation

    Opposite to a labia majoraplasty, a labia majora augmentation aims to enhance the size or shape of the outer lips of the vagina using fat or a hyaluronic acid filler. Results provide a more youthful or rejuvenated appearance of the outer vagina. This can be performed with your own fat (most common) or with other injectables such as sculptra or hyaluronic products.


    The mons is an area of fatty tissue or skin located on the pubic bone above the vulva. A monsplasty aims to reduce excess fat or skin that creates bulging and/ or ptosis(droop) in the mons area, especially after a patient’s significant weight fluctuations or changes.

    Clitoral Hood Reduction

    Typically performed along with a labiaplasty, a clitoral hood reduction is a technique used to reduce skin size around the clitoris so that the more sensitive clitoral tissue may be more exposed and improve the petite appearance of this delicate area. This technique may be used as a method to enhance sexual pleasure or simply improve the appearance.

    Get in Touch With Dr. Koltz To Learn About Vaginal Rejuvenation in Toledo

    If you are experiencing discomfort or unhappy with your vaginal appearance, there are many options of vaginal rejuvenation that may be a solution. Vaginal rejuvenation in Toledo may be an option for improving your confidence in the appearance of your vagina. Further, it may also help to improve functionality and sexual pleasure while reducing discomfort during certain activities.

    Though vaginal rejuvenation may not wholly reverse your genital appearance changes, it could still provide a more improved or youthful look. Improved function and sexual health may also reduce unnecessary stress in other areas of life. Vaginal rejuvenation may be the right choice for you if you are looking to feel more confident in your body function and appearance. Call or inquire with us today to learn how Dr. Koltz at pēkoMD can help you get the body you want.

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