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    Gluteal Augmentation or “Brazilian Butt Lift” in Toledo

    One of the fastest-growing forms of cosmetic surgery is gluteal or butt augmentation. This technique lifts, rounds, and shapes the buttocks while improving your body proportions to what you desire. If you are unhappy with the way your clothes fit and the shape or size of your buttocks, a Brazilian butt lift or gluteal augmentation in Toledo may be the answer for you.

    The way your skeleton supports your buttocks and how much fat you tend to store there is primarily determined by genetics. However, there are other self-controlled methods to enhance and shape the glutes. A healthy diet and targeted exercise may help, but these efforts will not always eliminate a flat backside or improve your overall figure to what you desire. The Brazilian butt lift is a specialized procedure designed to achieve a fuller, rounder backside. This typically involves transferring fat via liposuction from somewhere else on your body to your buttock region. It may also include a buttock implant, depending on your goals and where you start.

    If you are looking to enhance your look, you should speak to New York and Philadephia Ivy League-educated and double fellowship-trained ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Koltz. Dr. Koltz and his team at pēkoMD is dedicated to helping you get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

    How The Procedure Is Done

    The Toledo Brazilian butt lift does may or may not use implants but augments and enhances the curves of the lower body through redistribution of fat. Excess fat is harvested from the hips, abdomen, lower back, thighs, upper back, and/or arms through liposuction and strategically injected into the buttocks. This can be a dangerous procedure if not done correctly, but Dr. Koltz uses all the latest technology to make sure the fat is safely removed and re-injected where it needs to be placed.

    During an initial consultation, Dr. Koltz will ask many questions to determine precisely what results are wanted or expected by the patient. Also, Dr. Koltz will evaluate the amount of body fat present on the patient to see if there will be enough available to produce the desired outcome. You and Dr. Koltz will discuss treatment and recovery plans along with potential risks and side effects.

    During The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

    The Brazilian butt lift begins with either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. Next, the fat is harvested from hips, thighs, abdomen, and other fatty areas using liposuction. The extracted fat will be processed to remove tissue and blood and then reinjected into predetermined and marked areas in the buttocks fat, not into the muscle.

    Dr. Koltz will inject more fat than is needed for the final shape and contour of the buttocks. After the procedure, the initial fat volume will decrease through natural absorption by the patient’s body. On average, 60 percent of the injected fat will be retained and is permanent. The other 40 percent is reabsorbed and eliminated from the body naturally. The areas where the fat was removed are left looking improved in shape and contour as well as decreased bulk.

    What Happens After The Procedure?

    Results of the procedure can be seen immediately. However, it may take three to six months for the fat and tissue to redistribute and settle. Incision lines from the liposuction procedure are strategically placed and are minimally visible after a few months.

    Following the procedure, the patient will not be able to sit (except to use the toilet) and must sleep on their stomach or side. After about two to three weeks, sitting is allowed for necessary and shortened times. Typically, light daily activities may resume one week following the surgery, and most patients return to work in about ten days.

    Considerations Before Choosing the Brazilian Butt Lift

    You are likely a suitable candidate for the Brazilian butt lift if you want your buttock augmentation volume increased, you have good skin tone in your hips and buttocks, and you have adequate fat stores to harvest (in other words, you are not too lean). If you are too lean, you may require an implant to achieve your result.

    Some of the possible risks associated with this procedure include infection, persistent discomfort, asymmetries, looseness of the skin, or aesthetic dissatisfaction.

    Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation

    In some circumstances, patients may prefer or be better suited for procedures under local anesthesia. Dr. Koltz and the team and pekoMD can use safe injectable products and sometimes your own fat to help achieve more modest improvements in gluteal size and shape. This can be discussed in detail at your consultation to determine if this is the best option for you.

    Enhance Your Look With The Help of Our Team At pēkoMD

    Before deciding to have a Brazilian butt lift or gluteal reshaping, talk with Dr. Koltz about possible risks and any concerns you may have. If you choose to pursue a Toledo Brazilian butt lift or gluteal augmentation, do it to feel better about yourself, not to meet someone else’s ideal. The decision to have butt augmentation is a very personal choice. A Brazilian butt lift in Toledo can make your dream of a more youthful, rounded backside a reality. Reach out to Dr. Koltz to determine if a Brazilian butt lift is for you.

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